cohealth: Brimbank Local
cohealth is a not-for-profit community health organisation based in Melbourne that provides health and wellbeing services in the CBD, inner north, inner west suburbs, and the east coast of Tasmania.

cohealth is the service provider for the Mental Health and Wellbeing Local in the Brimbank LGA. Mental Health and Wellbeing Locals is a service that supports anyone aged 26 and older to get mental health and wellbeing care and support free of charge and without
a referral.

Brimbank Local is the first local to open its doors to its community.
It has led the way for all future locals by showcasing its innovative service design and accessible communications through co-design.
My primary role at cohealth was leading the design of the newly established Mental Health and Wellbeing Local in Brimbank. Working within set government-branded guidelines for the local that were integrated with cohealth's brand guidelines,  I rolled out branded marketing collateral, wayfinding solutions, event collateral, Along with the branded collateral, I engaged the community in design feedback, and spearheaded the development of a language guide that is being used in all Brimbank Local collateral. This guide was created from community feedback to address health literacy and accessibility for all who want to engage in this service.

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