Type Specimen Layouts
A collection of type specimen posters and layouts for various projects, including some as part of a typographic exploration
for my Master of Design.
A set of type specimen posters for a university project. The objective was to choose a typeface to
visually represent using its characters, glyphs, and symbols as a series of two cohesive posters.
Above is a selection of type specimen layouts as part of a typographic exploration into the anatomy of letterforms of various typefaces and their accessibility and readability to people with aphasia. The typeface shown, 'Andika' was specifically designed for people with literacy in mind. The letterforms are designed to be distinguishable from one another so that they are not easily confused with similar letterforms, as demonstrated topographically above. This exploration was part of my Master of Design at AUT. My research and thesis can be found by clicking the button below.

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